About Us

Mission Statement

Cyber Security Courses was formed to help students find cyber security courses online. We have two distinctive aims, firstly we want to list as many active cyber security courses as possible whether it be a university course or bootcamp/online course, that will help students find the ideal course for them. Secondly we want to help course providers get relevant traffic/visitors to their course pages who will then ultimately sign up for a course.

Our Team

Cyber Security Courses has a growing team of cyber security industry experts. Every member of our staff has at one stage worked directly in the cyber security sector, whether it be as a network security auditor, security architect or another cyber security based position, we have a huge amount of combined experience and are using it to help bring students and course providers together.

Why use Cyber Security Courses?

Cyber Security Courses was formed to help students find courses and course providers get more signups to their courses. Having worked in the cyber security industry ourselves, we know that there are many courses out there, and it’s sometimes hard to compare them all, especially in one place! We also know that course providers need more students on their courses, and the demand for qualified cyber security professionals is outstripping the supply. We hope this site brings more students into the world of cyber security and ultimately helps fills a talent gap in the market.

Why post a course here?

We have utilised the latest technology and web building techniques to position ourselves highly on Google/Bing/Yahoo and other search engines to attract thousands of students who are actively looking to get certified and accredited in the cyber security sector. We also get a huge volume of traffic from our cyber security jobs website, where industry professionals are looking to expand on their current skill set.

Careers and training

We are always on the look out for talented, focused individuals to join our growing team. If you have experience within the cyber security industry, recruitment/course or technology sector feel free to contact us to see if we have any available job positions.

Press Releases

  • 11/6/2018- Google, Bing, Yahoo, we are there!

We are hitting the top spots on the major search engines, as traffic levels have doubled in the last month.

  • 1/12/2017 – Course providers, post your course for free!

For a limited time only, course providers can contact us to get their course posted for free, with 50 free clicks/referrals.

  • 5/6/2017 – Website Launched.

After months of development, it’s here! Our new website Cyber Security Courses has launched, bringing students and course providers together.