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About the course

Course overview

Cybersecurity is the practice of defending computers, networks and data from malicious attacks. It is one of the biggest threats to global security and graduates with advanced-level skills and knowledge are high demand by employers.

This innovative new online course helps you build a critical understanding of technological threats and weaknesses across digital platforms in a range of contexts. You build the essential skillset necessary to assess threat, manage security technologies and understand the legal, social and political implications of cyber threats.

Students are central to the design of the course and as a result you develop knowledge and skills that meet the growing needs of industry in the rapidly changing landscape of cybersecurity. In the development of this degree we have worked closely with our partners, with input from leading international providers and national businesses to ensure that you have the depth and breadth of understanding to work anywhere in the world. This future-facing course is also informed by cutting-edge research to ensure that when you complete the course you can be part of the next generation of network and security graduates to support and enhance the global economy, through social developments, medical systems, education, financial institutions or heavy industry.

The course starts with an investigation into data collection and the inherent security, ethical, legal, social and professional issues. You also study information security management principles including security for cloud-based systems, before exploring advanced security techniques. Network technologies provide the platform for managing cybersecurity and through your studies you explore a range of network platforms and learn about their applications. You also examine network virtualisation and virtual network security.

During the course you develop a network of like-minded peers and experts. Close collaboration with other students and practitioners in the field enables the sharing of knowledge and perspectives from many different backgrounds. Our purpose-built online learning space enhances the collaborative nature of your studies where you can build working relationships that will continue throughout your career.

This cyber security course not only covers technical skill development, it also identifies the issues surrounding the often neglected weakest link in security systems – people. You explore a range of topics from Hacking the Human, through to IoT, Mobile and Systems Security. You develop your understanding of technology, cryptography, infrastructure, and the human impact on security.



How you learn

Your learning is supported through our purpose-built, online learning environment. You have access to a wealth of learning materials that have been designed and developed by staff embedded in the field of cybersecurity. Throughout your learning journey you are supported by experienced staff who provide advice and guidance. The opportunities to network with both staff and peers (other students in cybersecurity) enable you to work collaboratively to develop your technical skills and knowledge in a professional and supportive space.

The assessments across the course are designed to enhance your learning experiences, providing the opportunity for application of skills and knowledge leading to deeper learning and understanding. These will include case-studies provided by our industry partners, providing an insight to and experience of real world cybersecurity projects.

Input from our business partners ensures that your learning experience and materials match their skills requirements and include not just technical learning but also professional and ethical knowledge to work in the industry.

The Cybersecurity Project involves a major piece of work and provides an opportunity for you to explore a specific area of cybersecurity in depth. You are supported throughout by an academic supervisor to ensure an appropriate academic and technical level. This piece of work is student-driven and builds on your previous studies, developing project management and autonomous learning skills.

How you are assessed

The programme assessment strategy has been designed to assess your subject specific knowledge, cognitive and intellectual skills and transferable skills applicable to the workplace. It ensures that you are provided with formative assessment opportunities throughout the programme which support your summative assessments. The assessments will include assignments, tests, case studies, presentations, research proposal and literature review, and the production of a dissertation. The assessments may include individual or group essays or reports. The assessment criteria, where appropriate, will include assessment of presentation skills and report writing.



Entry requirements

You will normally have a first degree in related discipline (2.2 minimum) or relevant experience or equivalent qualifications.

In addition, international students will require IELTS 6.0 or equivalent.

For additional information please see our entry requirements




Career opportunities

From course inception and design through to the content and delivery of the course materials we work closely with our business partners to ensure that you develop the skills and knowledge required by the cybersecurity industry. You develop an understanding of the theoretical concepts surrounding cybersecurity and reinforce this learning with practical application of this knowledge. Your industry relevant skills will enable you to:

  • understand the risks faced by business and how to mitigate these
  • develop innovative approaches to protect networks
  • understand the role of the human factor in cybersecurity

Your assessments are designed to build on both your technical and professional skills contributing to your industry readiness.

This course prepares you for careers including:

  • security architect
  • risk assessor
  • security engineer
  • IT security manager

The rapid growth in cyber threat accompanied by business awareness has opened up global opportunities for individuals with skills that help businesses protect their operations across the security lifecycle. The MSc Cybersecurity (Online) produces graduates that meet and address these requirements.



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