DEV543: Secure Coding in C & C++

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About the course

The C and C++ programming languages are the bedrock for most operating systems, major network services, embedded systems and system utilities. Even though C and, to a lesser extent, C++ are well understood languages, the flexibility of the language and inconsistencies in the standard C libraries have led to an enormous number of discovered vulnerabilities over the years. The unfortunate truth is that there are probably more undiscovered vulnerabilities than there are known vulnerabilities!


This course will cover all of the most common programming flaws that affect C and C++ code. Each issue is described clearly with examples. Throughout the course students are asked to identify flaws in modern versions of common open-source software to provide hands-on experience identifying these issues in existing code. Exercises also require students to provide secure solutions to coding problems in order to demonstrate mastery of the subject.



Who Should Attend

  • C Programmers
  • C++ Programmers
  • Project Managers overseeing coding tasks in C or C++
  • Embedded programmers working with C or C++
  • Legacy code maintainers
  • Code auditors


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