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About the course

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This course focuses on the value of information and the principles and practice that underlie secure, effective and efficient business systems that exploit information in order to provide business benefit.

Who is it for?

Students from Government departments, industry and other organisations within the UK and internationally come together to study and discuss issues and develop skills that will enable solutions now and in the future.

Key goals of the course are to provide students with the knowledge to:

  • Develop in individuals an awareness of the management, user and supplier communities
  • Recognise the stakeholder roles, needs and expectations within these communities
  • Enable effective communication and a shared understanding between these stakeholders in order to meet capability objectives
  • Master the principles and practice that underlie the delivery of effective, efficient and secure systems in various business spaces that exploit information in order to provide strategic benefit.

Why this course?

There is a need to understand the strategic importance of information and develop agile, effective and secure ways to exploit it to its full potential. To do this, effective information capability management must be developed throughout the organisation so that the right information is available to the right people at the right time in an effective, efficient and secure manner. 

The internationally recognised Information Capability Management (ICM) MSc has been developed to address these important issues.Skilled professionals are needed to enable organisations to realise the strategic benefits that successfully exploiting information can provide. Success in business of all types and in all sectors, both public and private, is dependant on:

  • Understanding the value of information as a strategic asset
  • Developing agile, effective and efficient systems that make this information available
  • Countering cyber threats with appropriate cyber security. 

Informed by Industry

The Information Capability Management MSc has an External Advisory Panel that is made up of senior stakeholders from Government, industry, academia and professional bodies that meet to provide input regarding the strategic direction of the course.


This course is accredited by two professional bodies, the British Computer Society (BCS) and the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP), completion of the course can lead to chartered professional status.

Course details

MSc students must complete a taught phase consisting of twelve modules followed by an individual dissertation in a relevant topic. 

PgDip students are required to undertake the same taught phase as the MSc, without the individual dissertation. PgCert students must complete the core module (Foundations of Information Systems) together with five other modules.

Individual project

The individual project is the opportunity for a student to utilise and demonstrate their understanding of the taught phase of the course by applying their learning to a real world problem. It is also an opportunity to develop skills and achieve a greater level of understanding in a specific area or areas of relevance to the course. Students are allocated a supervisor and have access to subject matter experts to support them in the project phase.


Spread throughout the programme and includes coursework, group presentations and examinations during the taught phase and for the MSc a research based dissertation.

Your career

Takes you on to further senior career opportunities and to become one of the next generation of senior professionals delivering business benefit through exploitation of information with skills in appropriate areas including business analysis, strategy development and implementation, information assurance, cyber security, organisational development and strategic application of information systems.

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