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1 Year full time, 2 years full time w. one-year work placement, 2 years part time
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About the course

Course content

You can gain a broad education in the area of computer and Internet security, combining both technical and managerial aspects.

Building on a practical foundation comprising the understanding of operating systems, network protocols security and how to develop secured code, you will learn how to critically assess the security risks to IT organisations and how to evaluate the information security solution to mitigate them. In addition, you will gain the research skills necessary to investigate the continually changing issues in computer forensics and security in Cloud infrastructures.

If you're looking to work in computing and technology industries, this is a great fast-track conversion course for graduates from disciplines unrelated to IT and computing.

What you'll study

Throughout the course you will develop a critical understanding of IT security-related processes and procedures. You will be able to critically analyse software requirements and apply appropriate tools to design and develop innovative solutions. You will acquire the skills to investigate and appraise new and existing technologies and adapt these to specific purposes.

How you’re taught

You will need to study six taught modules in your first three terms and by the fourth term you will be conducting your research project. The course offers an excellent combination of theoretical studies and practical experience through coursework assignments, software development and group projects culminating in a significant and practical master's project individually tailored to meet your career aspirations.

You will learn through:

  • lectures
  • guided reading supported by the University's virtual learning portal
  • workshops and laboratories
  • seminars
  • case studies and project work

You will be assessed by a variety of methods including:

  • research project
  • vivas and demonstrations
  • written assignments
  • case studies
  • oral presentations
  • coursework reports

Careers and employability

There is a wide range of career opportunities in the Computing and IT sector, and The School of Science and Technology at Nottingham Trent University has an enviable graduate recruitment record. This IT Security Masters course will prepare you for roles as a technical security specialist together with a range of technical development and implementation roles. You will also have the potential to develop into security consultancy and technical management roles.

Some graduates choose to venture into other sectors – such as project management or financial forecasting – where they are likely to be equally successful in gaining employment because of the transferable skills gained on the course. Other graduates go on to study for a PhD.

Recent graduates have secured roles with employers such as Railway Survey Design Institute Group Corp, Bouygues Telecom and Penpec Group, as:

  • Software developers
  • Web designers
  • System administrators
  • The University Employability Service is available to all students, offering individual consultation.


What are the benefits of a work placement?

Practical work experience can help you in your studies and is often paid. It can enhance your commercial awareness and your ability to link theory and practice which will be an invaluable skill in your future career. Although a work placement is highly recommended, obtaining one is based on an individual’s efforts and is not guaranteed.

Placement opportunities

The School is extending its highly successful placement scheme to students of MSc IT Security. If you choose this option, you will receive extensive help in obtaining a valuable one-year paid work placement and continued support during the placement period. Request a course leaflet to find out more about placement options on this course.

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