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About the course

Why choose this course?

Information security expertise is urgently needed across all industries today. Take our MSc Cyber Security and become part of the next generation of leading IT security professionals, fully equipped to respond rapidly to risks and problems.

  • Build your understanding of the managerial and technical elements of information security, as well as enterprise level security
  • Choose a course designed in consultation with industry to ensure it delivers all the skills needed for the workplace
  • Enhance your employability and career prospects by preparing for the BSI ISO 27001 lead auditor certifications which are highly sought after by employers
  • Study innovative techniques being developed through latest research at the cutting edge of cyber security
  • Learn how to take a strategic and holistic approach to protecting an organisation's systems
  • Be inspired by a teaching team offering a blend of industry experience and strong academic credentials

Employable Graduates – we’re ranked 15th highest amongst all UK universities and 12th for English institutions with 96% of graduates in work or further study within six months of completing their degree: HESA 2016. 

About this course

  • Our MSc Cyber Security has been developed to teach you the very latest in information protection techniques, all delivered by academics at the leading edge of research into system penetration and intrusion analysis.

    Building a more secure digital society

    The speed with which the Internet and information sharing has developed has exceeded the pace of secure infrastructure development. Our MSc Cyber Security is designed to help bridge this gap and meet the accelerating demand for professionals with proven information security expertise.

    This course focuses on developing your knowledge and understanding so that you are fully equipped to create a secure and effective information infrastructure for any organisation.

    A powerful set of skills

    Along with exploring established techniques, we cover the innovative practices which are emerging as a result of the very latest research. You will learn about both the managerial and technical elements of information security, as well as enterprise level security. This includes risk management and compliance, together with issues such as securing networks and system penetration testing.

    You will hone a wide range of technical skills that can be applied to protect against specific system breaches. You will also learn how to perform ethical hacking: by understanding many of the techniques employed by malicious hackers, you can mitigate risks and thwart potential attacks.

    In addition, the MSc equips you with the skills needed to make vital managerial decisions related to protecting an organisation’s security holistically. 

What you will cover

  • This course is made up of three stages – Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma and MSc.

    For the Postgraduate Certificate, you will study three modules. For the Postgraduate Diploma, you will need to study all six modules.

    You will study modules such as:

    Advanced Security Protocols

    This module equips you with the advanced knowledge and understanding you need to analyse complex security protocols. You will focus on the protocols required to ensure security over remote networks.

    Enterprise Security Management

    Management of the security process is a crucial part of successful implementation. On this module, you will look at the fundamental network and security management issues that affect businesses, including the often-conflicting organisational goals that can lead to difficult trade-offs between affordability and effective protection.

    Studying Masters Level and Research Methods

    You will develop the skills to study at masters level to help you plan and execute a research project. You will also gain an understanding of research design and methodological enquiry.

    Security: Attacks and Countermeasures

    Through investigation, analysis and creative design, this module will enhance your skills in protecting systems against internal and external threats. You will develop the analytical tools to perform pragmatic and ethical system penetration testing.

    Securing Networks

    The focus of this module is on protecting a network from external and internal threats. You will cover the different methods of system breach, together with the mechanisms for detecting and protecting against them.

    Human and Legal Aspects of Cyber Security

    This module gives you an introduction to the legal and human dimensions of cyber security. It first covers the application of legal provisions, with a focus on accountability in computer systems. Secondly, it explores the key concepts for human dimensions of cyber security, leading to an understanding of research practice in designing and running scientific studies.


    You will choose one module, such as:

    Independent Scholarship

    During this triple module, you will formulate, research and resolve a commercial IT problem, often working in partnership with industrial collaborators to help focus attention on specific and real applications. You will present your findings and solutions in the form of a masters-level dissertation that you can use to demonstrate your ability to apply your learning in an independent and rigorous fashion.

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