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PWNY Cyber Security Foundations
Bali, Indonesia
Study type
4 weeks

About the course

InfoSec can be a pretty daunting industry to try to break into. There seems to be a sea of certifications and wildly contradictory advice on where to start. On top of that, the industry suffers from a catch-22 - it seems you can only get hired if you have experience, but you can’t get experience without being hired!

The PWNY certification is designed to show that you have not just a strong foundation in all key areas of InfoSec, but practical, real-world experience in each of these areas.

This course alone won’t make you an expert. But it will get you hired, it will help you hone in on which area excites you the most, and it will make all those niche, specialist courses much easier to complete quickly and successfully, when you do decide to level up again.


What Makes PWNY Different?


  • Forget finding an hour or two in evenings and weekends. Forget falling asleep in front of online course materials. At PWNY Labs, you’ll be living and breathing InfoSec. By spending 4 weeks away in the paradise island of Bali, out of your comfort zone, your rate of progression will go exponential.


  • Sure, you can do this all yourself, but the path is opaque, and it can take anything from 1-3 years. At PWNY, you‘ll get a year’s worth of experience in a single month through daily labs, capture the flags, defend the forts and all sorts of wargames and challenges.

Practical Experience

  • No more struggling through dry books and boring youtube vids. You’ll spend your time in labs, on capture the flags, defend the forts, simulations and real-life scenarios, both alone, in pairs and in teams. 


  • The network you’ll develop, and the connections you make with other students, will give you friendships that will last a lifetime. Once a PWNie, always a PWNie.


  • PWNY aims to become the premier certification for elite beginners. Once you graduate, other, more specialist certs will be much easier to complete

Intro’s to Hirers

  • Companies are crying out for talent. Once you graduate, we’ll introduce you to our network of hiring companies


Is It For You?

This isn’t a course for total beginners. We expect candidates to have some experience in 1 of  the fields below, or a technical degree, or some basic experience as a ‘script kiddie’ hacker, or to at least to have graduated from a top-tier bootcamp.

  • Programming
  • Networks
  • SysAdmin

If you have some knowledge of at least one of these, if you’re serious about building a career in InfoSec, and if you’re looking for the most solid foundation you can get, then yes - this course is for you.


Benefits Breakdown

  • -  4 weeks of tuition, 5 days per week

  • -  Full curriculum access for ever

  • -  Workspace, labs and red/blue team exercises

  • -  Accommodation near to our workspace

  • -  Airport pickup and drop off

  • -  Logistical support pre-arrival and throughout your

    stay ensuring you’re fully taken care of

  • -  Welcome dinner

  • -  Local sim card

  • -  2x group outings on weekends

  • -  Private Facebook and Slack areas to collaborate and stay connected with fellow PWNies

  • -  Certification (PWNY) upon completion

    *Not included: Flights, travel Insurance & spending money


Cost: £6000

*****30% discount for early birds signing up before the end of September*****



When Is It?

Our Pilot Programme runs from:

Jan 12th - Feb 9th 2019

This will be held in Canggu, Bali.

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