CISO Courses


CISO Courses

Nowadays, in many organisations, the role of CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) has become the go to senior figure managing information security. Indeed, as new cyber threats have been more and more quickly appearing so too have CISO’s! There is no sign of cybercrime or hacking dwindling so we expect to see roles created in the future for many more CISO’s than we have currently. CISO’s are the senior C level staff that are tasked with defeating this new army of hackers. Attendance on focused CISO courses can help them in their careers.


Strategic oversight of everything related to IT Security seems to fall under the remit of CISO. Their scope covers an organisations strategic information security planning, including project scoping, business analysis, design, development, implementation, budgetary control and compliance with the rules and regulations relating to IT security.

Detailed knowledge of IT security in general together with management of IT, Data and Information Security are key skills for this role. Staff development, training, project management are also pivotal skills.

It is vitally important therefore that CISO’s are familiar with new developments in information security. So they will always need to learn new skills, whatever their current knowledge may be. Gaining new skills, or improving old ones, is often best achieved by attending courses that are located far away from their usual place of work. In the end, to keep on top of today’s vast armies of hackers, wherever they may be, learning new techniques and technology is always going to be a winner.


How to become a CISO

To become a CISO normally requires a vast range of information security knowledge. Advanced project management skills may be necessary too, along with man management training. CISO’s often develop into their roles from deeply technical or managerial positions. These can include Security and risk analysis, software development and consultancy training.


Introducing to Courses relevant to CISO’s

Many courses within information security may be suitable and relevant to CISO’s. They will always need to keep themselves up to speed with new IT security tools, techniques and procedures. Senior staff should never stop learning, in our opinion!


Relevant CISO level Courses

1) CISMP Courses for CISO’s

CISO’s will often benefit from the training courses offered by the Certificate in Information Security Management Principles (CISMP). Such courses are specifically geared towards the staff managing information security. CISMP of course provides widely recognised IT information security industry certifications. Their certification confirms that graduates of their courses have a deep knowledge of IT security management. These courses provide a good overall understanding of the information security threats of the modern world. Another of their advantages is that they can help graduates to move quickly to the more advanced CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) and CISM (Certified Information Security Manager) certifications that are available.

2) CISSP Courses for CISO level staff

CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) certification offers a real step up in knowledge for those working within information security management. CISSP courses provide students with an all-encompassing depth of learning about today’s information systems security environments.

Finally, it should be noted that CISSP certification confirms that the graduate has a deep and incisive knowledge of information systems security to any potential employee.

3) CISM Courses – for advanced CISO training

CISM ((Certified Information Security Manager) certification provides deeper knowledge of information security to staff in senior roles within the IT and information security sector. A CISM certified graduate would know precisely how to effectively manage even the most complicated security related issues. Because CISM courses are focused at a more senior management level, they also include promotion of international security practices and standards to the senior staff that attain this qualification.

It should be noted that CISM is ANSI (American National Standards Institute) ISO/IEC 17024:2012 accredited.

4) Ethical Hacking for the CISO

A hacker course for CISO’s you might ask? Yes, well why not, they all started somewhere after all is done and said! Because new hacking threats are always emerging, often using imaginative new techniques, it is important for senior C level officers such as CISO’s to understand the how, what, why and where of what they are doing. A seasoned CISO may not have tried hacking for a while yet this could leave them vulnerable to new attacks. Hacking techniques are ever changing, and so is the knowledge necessary to effectively counter them!

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) training offers study of todays various devious hacking techniques, some of which may yet startle the most seasoned of old-timers! Get to know the latest techniques used by hackers and you have their keys to your door more safely in your possession.


Job skills that a CISO needs:

  • Scoping of strategic information and Data Security projects that improve an organisations IT systems, projects and data.
  • Working with senior staff delivering secure change.
  • Overseeing secure IT Systems Development complying with an organisations Information Security policies and procedures.
  • Ensuring staff training on courses in information security awareness skills.
  • Ensuring compliance with legislation, such as MIFID and GDPR is achieved.
  • Controlling budgets and forecasts relating to the organisations information security projects.
  • Managing new staff hires, mentoring, appraisals, redundancy, dispute resolution and termination of employees.
  • Partner, stakeholder, vendors, and third party service liaison.
  • Directing staff, allocating human and financial resources, providing secure robust information security and IT solutions.
  • Planning of forensic audits, penetration testing and risk analysis, keeping the organisations data and systems secure from the attentions of hackers and others. Courses in these areas will benefit CISO’s by keeping their skills fresh!