Cloud Cyber Security Courses

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Cloud Security Courses

As seemingly most of our data now seems to be moving inexorably up to the cloud, cybercrime and hacking are following along too! And this means that many new cloud security focused courses have also been created, along with this mass migration of information to the distributed data storage services available today in cyberspace!

Data is a valuable commodity to hackers, and intercepting it on its way to or from the cloud or, in some cases, penetrating cloud services themselves, have quickly become their new modus operandi.

Of course many cloud service providers will maintain that their offerings are 100% secure but, we are here to inform you, that there is no such thing, of course, as 100% security online!

There are many raining providers now offering modules in cloud security, often they take a generic approach but sometime they are more vendor specific, covering particular cloud storage solutions in one training module for IT Staff to gain valuable training in making cloud stored data more secure.


Courses promoting Cloud Security

The roles that information security staff suitable for such training encompasses developers, pen testers, cyber security analysts, administrators and many more! In fact, such courses these days are likely vital for most people working in a cyber security roles because a vast amount of personal and corporate data ins now stored, basically, in an online environment.

This all leads to potential problems for data guardians because anything that is stored in an environment that is available online is potentially prone to hacking. In the past, many organisations preferred to store their most sensitive data in intranets or networks only available to specific groups of users. This is often not the case nowadays as the move to the cloud gathers steam. This move also takes away the ability of systems administrators to physically shield data from unauthorised users, even within organisations.

Cloud security must be put at the forefront of developer’s minds too, otherwise it is far too easy for them to create code with unintended back-door’s available for hackers and rogue nations to exploit.

So, clearly these people need training in how to combat hackers, whether they work as coders, analysts, testers, or admins.

There are cloud security courses available to suit a vast array of information security professionals. Such cloud security courses can provide training from basic foundation level, through intermediate coding and testing techniques to managerial and director oversight level.

Of course, learning new skills, or brushing up on old skills, is best achieved when students attend formal class-based education settings for their courses. It is better to be away from the daily pressures of the 9 to 5 grind than to have constant work-related interruptions! Accredited training courses offer individuals the chance to gain security industry recognised certification too, should they pass of course!


Introducing Cloud Security Courses

Many different cloud security courses focused on safe data storage online are available for students to study. From basic introductory modules right up to risk, analysis and management levels. Here, we are going to take a look at some of the many options available for safer data storage in the cloud.


Specific Cloud Security focused Courses

1) CEH training for cloud storage specialists

It is a given that information security has needed to rapidly evolve as hackers continually change their methods of penetrating systems. As data move more and more up to the cloud, this need has become more evident than hitherto.

A CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) course provides students with knowledge and experience in using the same tools, methods and techniques that hackers use for nefarious purposes. To counter these new cloud focused cyber threats, cyber security staff need to understand what drives hackers in their penetration attempts and thus how best to defend against them.  This is best gained in a practical setting, where all of these tools and techniques can be tried out in anger!

(CEH) is an industry-recognised qualification which shows that those that have gained certification know their cyber security onions! Once an individual understands how the hackers operate, by using their methodologies, tools and techniques in the real world, being able to defeat them becomes an easier task.

2) Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)

Pup in the cloud, unique security challenges may need to be faced on a daily basis. CCSP offers a globally recognised credential showing that the holder has a high degree of cloud security knowledge. This qualification was created by ISC and the Cloud Security Alliance in order to boost cloud computing security skills. To qualify for attendance, a minimum of 5 years IT experience of which three years must have been in an information security role.

3) Penetration Testing can boost Cloud Security

Penetration Testing courses will allow cloud security professionals to gain valuable experience in the real world penetration of networks and systems. They will get to see cloud security from the other side of the fence, as a hacker, with the chance to gain real insights into the mind of the criminal hacker. Knowing what makes a hacker tick will be invaluable to anyone involved in cloud security, this course is thus highly recommended by us for this reason.

4) Practitioner Certificate in Cloud Security

The Certified Cloud Security Practitioner courses on offer by various training providers focus on Cloud Security, covering Cloud Security Architecture, Data and Assurance, DevSecOps, Governance, Cloud Security Operations and Web App Security too. They incorporate audit, development and implementation phases too, providing a wide range of cloud security skills to students.